Eli Moreno Vitas (b.1998, Tudela, Navarre), was graduated in Creation and Design and 

specialized in Graphic Design at the University of the Basque Country. 

The creator began their studies in Bilbao finished them in Berlin and moved to Vienna to work as a graphic designer, 

which allowed him to approach new cultures and forms of graphic development.

Through different graphic resources, their work circumscribes countercultural themes. 

Often, their graphic work speaks of oblivion, of dissidence, of what is different.

Eli develops their work around the various spaces and places in which it takes place, 

allowing them to create in different modalities, such as music, poetry, design and illustration. 

The graphic techniques are diverse: digital, engraving and ceramics are among the most used ones.

Through these, Eli approaches their current stage of development of contemporary ruralities.